Rhett: He's either trying to stop his brain from exploding, or maybe he's creating his own YouTube "poop"

is Ali's most loyal longneck minion. He makes a brief appearance in Ali Means Business. His first impressions are enough to make Littlefoot and his friends kill him and even allow Chomper to disembowel his remains. They succeed too, which shows that one should never underestimate the power of a group of stupid gits, especially when plotting the death of someone so Rhett-tarded (harr-harr).

==Rhett may or may not come back to life in future episodes. If so, get your pitchforks and torches ready! Unless of course you have an M16 on hand, that works too, I suppose. Hell, bring a grenade launcher if you want--it'd be fun to see him 'splode into a thousand bits! Rhett has become a popular target due to the fact that the little fuck used a time machine and made the lbt very popular making shity cock sucking movies about the worst movies of all time more of them that's why there 13 lbts there was just going to be one but rhett changed the shit== f=hell this page sucks if u want to read something better go read the life of thunderclan into the heat. fucking firepaw

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